Lynn’s story holds out the possibility of life in memories…

Autumn…a time of going down in flames, of drifting away on smoke, of looking back, just for a second, to laugh and wave goodbye to summer- That’s the feel of Lynn Biederstadt’s The Spiritkeeper…a slow goodbye to the hot summer we thought we knew, a drifting into the smoke and flame and fog of the […]

A fascinating tale that illustrates the true meaning of passion

“The Spiritkeeper is darkly refreshing and beautifully gut-wrenching. In a matter of chapters, Biederstadt doesn’t tell a story. She weaves a fascinating tale that illustrates the true meaning of passion, fierce devotion and what love should be. Her version is completely unlike what one would expect from a love story. It keeps readers guessing—and, just […]

Sometimes a tale comes into your life…

Sometimes a tale comes into your life that reaches a place you had not previously recognised. The Spiritkeeper is such a tale. As your eyes trace the words on the page you are drawn into the drama that is David Emory. You walk the lonely country roads with him; you feel the soft thread pass […]

I am totally hooked….

Just read the first 9 chapters of Lynn Biederstadt’s deftly paced, suspenseful new novel. The characters are rich, alive, and fully-realized. I want to know these people. I want to meet McGill and David Emory. I am totally hooked on this highly visual, cinematic novel. — Joan Daidone, Writer, Curator, Social Activist

A core-shaking, tear-jerking, soul-warming story…

The Spiritkeeper is a core-shaking, tear-jerking, soul-warming story sure to have you turning pages until the last word. Lynn has such a knack for characters that they quickly become real people that you genuinely fall in love with. It is so real that you feel the pain, mourn the loss, and ultimately experience the soul-deep […]

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