About the Book

Question: Where did the idea of The Spiritkeeper come from?

Lynn answers

“Where does an idea begin? For The Spiritkeeper, the idea was born in an odd moment of melancholy reflection.

Driving to the office one morning, a sight sadly familiar to those of us who drive country lanes: an animal dead on the road’s shoulder. But not a wandering wild critter. This was a little dog. It looked as if it should have been someone’s pampered pet.

What happens to them; to their spirits? I wondered—those creatures that should have been warm and well-loved…abandoned to a last few living moments of terror and confusion. Who takes care of them now?

And what would happen if those lost ones were people?

One step. And a short step to the one beyond it. To what soon became not a religious exploration of the soul, but a profoundly metaphysical one. A love story at a time when I needed one most…but more than that. The discovery of mercy and compassion offered in a most surprising form. The ultimate expression of what it is to be ourselves. And the finding of a commitment more powerful than life itself.

That was the beginning of David Emory; the beginning of a character whose presence, page to page, became a continuing embrace. A story that is a love story—and more than one. Hope you like it.”

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