Sometimes a tale comes into your life…

Sometimes a tale comes into your life that reaches a place you had not previously recognised.

The Spiritkeeper is such a tale.

As your eyes trace the words on the page you are drawn into the drama that is David Emory. You walk the lonely country roads with him; you feel the soft thread pass along your fingertips as he weaves at his loom. The weight of his burden sometimes crushes your chest.

In a tale so dominated by David, it is surprising how much presence the other characters in this tale exude.

Eli – the friend we wish we all had.

Marjorie and Martha – the lionesses masquerading as elderly ladies.

Jon – lethally vindictive.

Ty – charismatically monstrous in his selfishness.

McGill Forester – famished for truth.

As McGill pursues the truth about David Emory, she is faced with acknowledging the truth about herself.

In my first reading of the Spiritkeeper I had to control the urge to skip to endings. Paragraph endings, chapter endings, the book ending, because I do that when I am caught in a really great tale.

I savoured every word as I fought the urge to turn the page.

David Emory’s tale is the love story that drives us all to take risks.

Lynn Biederstadt has masterfully breathed life into these pages, these characters. They live and swirl around your brain, stepping out of the pages and existing as you fall deeper and deeper into their story.

Closing the last page my derelict heart crooned with an immeasurable sense of promise.

The ending is both a startling surprise, and as inevitable as the cycle of rain.

It is the book that you should never lend out – for fear you may never get it back.

Joanne Bryant, Kiwi/Australian Writer, Poet, Photographer




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