Deftly-drawn, mysterious and compelling…

It took only two short lines of prose—five words total—for Lynn Biederstadt to reel me into her wonderful new novel, The Spiritkeeper.

Walking. Walking.

Dead guy walking.

The words had such cadence, and the image such power, that I found myself speaking the lines out loud, over and over again. I later told Lynn that the opening of her novel felt like a song. A spiritual!

I flew through the next 50 pages and by then it was clear that The Spiritkeeper was a very special book. I was deeply connected to Lynn’s deftly-drawn characters. Right from the start there is something mysterious and compelling about David Emory. When we find out just what his secret is, we are even more firmly bolted to our reading chairs—we want more more more of this fine novel!

Finding a supremely talented writer like Lynn Biederstadt is always a treat. Her emotionally-complex characters come alive in lively and riveting scenes. Reading her flawless writing, you can sit back and relax, because you know there’s one very capable writer in the driver’s seat. Lynn’s gift is knowing exactly how to take readers on a smooth ride through page after page of crackling prose. All we need do is hop in back, and follow her wherever she goes!

— Claudia Ricci, Professor of Literature and Journalism, SUNY Albany




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